Tim Young AIA

Senior Project Director, Specifications Writer

Tim Young’s work touches every project at Broadmoor Design Group, and the professionalism, technical skill and no-nonsense approach he brings to the job are key components to their success.

His primary responsibilities include developing specifications for the firm’s projects as well as providing technical support for other team members. Over the years he has also produced many projects, from offshore living quarters for energy companies, to an industrial complex for the Army, to a YMCA center and post-Katrina renovations to the Hilton Hotel in New Orleans.

Tim became interested in the field from an early age, first studying mechanical drafting and later architectural drawing in high school. By the time his drawings had won first place in the Architectural State Rally, he had already decided to continue his studies in college and make architecture his career. In 1984 he joined Broadmoor Design Group, where he found colleagues who share his respect for teamwork.

Music is his passion outside of work, especially singing and playing guitar at his church.

985.612.1199 x 1198