Alexander Milne Home for Women

The Alexander Milne Home For Women is a residential facility for developmentally disabled women in which care, treatment, and community based services are provided 24-hours a day. Originally located in New Orleans, the Milne Home relocated operations to a 50-acre area in Waldheim, Louisiana and selected Broadmoor Design Group to design its Intermediate Care Facility.

BDG designed the complex with a non-institutional, community aesthetic. Phase I of the development included all infrastructure and utilities, twelve 4-bedroom cottages, a community center, an administration building, a clinic, and several support structures including a barn and greenhouse. With the exception of the clinic building and the support structures, all of the buildings are located inside an elliptical access road and have views to a large park-like green space at the center of the development. Paths, intended to encourage pedestrian circulation, wind through the central green space and interconnect the structures. All on-site buildings are residentially scaled and designed to resemble rural Louisiana vernacular buildings. Each of the 2,400 sf. cottages is a complete residential unit with living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, sitting room, two bathrooms and a powder room. The community center contains a multipurpose room, commercial kitchen, classrooms, a beauty shop, and storage. The administrative offices are housed in a 2,800 sf. structure along with the clinic. Milne’s Phase II will include space for Assisted Living residents, guest cottages, and a swimming pool.

The location and design of the development is intended to mitigate the effects of future hurricanes on the residents of the Milne Home. All building components and utilities are designed to incorporate hurricane mitigation as well as other relevant safety and security guidelines. The natural disaster mitigation policy for the new development is to “shelter in place”. The existing grade at the site in Waldheim is approximately ninety feet above sea level, greatly minimizing the possibility of flooding. Full emergency power is provided throughout the site and each building is designed to meet the highest standards for wind loading. All windows have operable hurricane shutters and provision has been made to store enough food and supplies for several days.

Being a Hurricane Katrina restoration project, this project was partially funded through FEMA. All FEMA guidelines, along with all other applicable codes and governmental guidelines, were adhered to in the design of this project.

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