Jazzland Theme Park

Jazzland Theme Park was located in New Orleans, Louisiana on approximately 144–acres of lightly wooded, previously undeveloped land. The park had approximately 100 buildings with a variety of rides, entertainment venues, theaters and stages, restaurants, retail outlets, games and crafts. Also incorporated were 51 acres of parking lots, a 13-acre lake, and a 3.5-acre basin. Known as Jazz Lake and The Basin, these man-made bodies of water provided a focal point which became an interactive feature of the rides with the added surprise of a sandy beach.

Broadmoor was contracted to provide all design-build services on this project, from conceptual design to architectural and structural design to construction services. All design work was produced by Broadmoor Design Group, working diligently to turn the Jazzland owners’ concept into reality, which can be seen from the earliest stages of conceptual design drawings. In order to complete this development, over 200 local vendors and subcontractors were hired to provide services, keeping much of the benefits of this project in the local market.

By overlapping design and construction activities, Broadmoor was able to successfully deliver this facility in just 22 months. Construction time was lessened a full year due to Broadmoor’s value-engineering recommendation to build the park on an elevated, pile-supported concrete deck. A unique aspect of the contract was procurement and installation of the rides, which were upgraded late in the construction schedule, as well as providing the structural design of the foundations which were built for each ride.

Divided into six major areas of interest, the park was designed to reflect aspects of life in Louisiana, highlighting New Orleans in particular. The six themed areas included: Jazz Plaza, Cajun Country, Pontchartrain Beach, Mardi Gras, Good Times Garden, and Kids Carnival. Each area featured rides, food venues, theatre or dance halls and games using architecture and activities to develop the respective theme.

Motion Simulator Theater

Broadmoor worked in coordination with the theater specialists on this special feature of the park. Specifically SimEx, an owner-engaged subcontractor for the Pirate theater attraction. The theater included a Pre-show, Story theater and Adventure theater. These three stages created the final experience of being on the high seas aboard the Pirate Ship. All three environment of the attraction included computerized lighting and audio systems, a rear screen projector, a curved wide screen film projection, with sound and physical special effects, all state-of-the-art computerized theatrical techniques. Broadmoor coordinated with the contractor for the two custom designed theaters in the building.

Festival Hall

Festival Hall was a live performance venue with a small fixed stage and table seating. Broadmoor coordinated with WOW Entertainment, theatrical lighting and sound specialists hired by the owner.