Lakeside Shopping Center – Macy’s Parking Garage

Broadmoor Design Group provided comprehensive design/build services for the development of Lakeside Shopping Center’s Macy’s Parking Garage. This parking facility houses up to 1,272 vehicles and uses connecting pedestrian bridges to provide easy access to the department store. The foundation is comprised of 617 pre-cast pre-stressed concrete piles and over 1,200 timber piles. This nearly 450,000 square foot structure currently stands at four-stories tall, but the inventive design provides for a future fifth and six floor.

Due to strict time constraints, BDG was restricted to a timeframe of just 18 short months from planning discussions to completion. With only eight feet of clearance between the Macy’s building and the proposed parking garage, BDG was faced with the task of extensively coordinating a number of parish officials, architects, engineers, suppliers, subcontractors, and utility companies to ensure consumer parking and access to Macy’s as needed.