Navy Family Housing

Broadmoor Design Group was retained to design a new community for military family housing at NAS Belle Chase, La. This “New Urbanist” style neighborhood transformed traditional military housing into a walkable community, having all of the amenities offered in off-base housing. 525 new town homes were developed alongside a Community Center, Leasing Office, and Playground. The 120-acre site required installation of a new street grid with service alleys and complete underground utility service.

Great care was taken to sensitively integrate the new housing with the old by incorporating similar design elements, creating a new pedestrian circulation system, and maintaining the vehicular circulation hierarchy. Major landscape features such as waterways and a large grove of mature oak trees were preserved by efficient land use.

The project was designed to meet Energy Star requirements. High efficiency appliances, appropriate levels of insulation and other means were used to achieve designs that are at least 30% more efficient than code requirements.

Sustainable building materials were selected to balance their first cost with life cycle expenses as well as environmental impact. Fiber-cement siding was used instead of a wood based product for its more lasting and low maintenance qualities, trussed joists were selected instead of solid members because they use less trees to manufacture. Borate was used as a wood preservative on all framing lumber because it is more environmentally friendly than CCA or other treatment methods.