Small Arms Range at NAS-JRB New Orleans

Broadmoor Design Group was selected to perform Architectural services at the Naval Air Station – Joint Reserve Base in Belle Chasse, LA. As part of that contract, BDG designed a Small Arms Range complete with shooting lanes, a bullet trap, and ventilation systems. In accordance with design criteria, BDG provided these in a durable building shell that allowed for efficiency and comfort for the staff and trainees.

The exterior walls of the Firing Range were designed of 8” thick cast-in-place concrete to maximize containment of stray rounds and overall durability and demand virtually zero maintenance. The wall separating the Firing Range from the support spaces is of reinforced concrete masonry units to complete the containment perimeter. In order to maximize acoustical separation, this wall will extend to the underside of the roof structure and will be sealed with acoustical grade sealant. The floor of the Range is likewise of cast-in-place concrete with a clear sealer for durability and ease of maintenance.

The entrance for trainees to the Range is through an airlock vestibule that ensures containment of noxious fumes within the area protected by the specialized ventilation system. Indicator lights at the airlock will define the current level of activity in the Range.